Stream Design Guide

Dear streamers!

We ask you to observe the following principles when making streams on your channels:

1) Stream name with brand + own unique name + Stream number

The format should be like this:

NeverWinterWorld [Classic M2]: its own unique name / Stream #44


NeverWinter [Classic M2]: its unique name / Stream #44


NeverWinter [MOD 2]: its unique name / Stream #44

where "own unique name" is some unique name of the stream, without repetition between different broadcasts

2) Link to the project in the first and second line in the description:

Start playing on NeverWinterWorld [Classic M2]: - OPENING 06/30/2023

For intermediate and experienced streamers, we will ask you to set up special personalized links.

3) Different and unique stream preview pictures

The same preview is not allowed, for each new stream - a new name and a new preview image

Sincerely, NeverWinterWorld Administration

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