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Dear users, when registering a game account, you automatically accept the terms of this User Agreement.

Attention: by connecting to this server, you automatically accept the terms of this agreement, as well as all the terms and conditions established on this resource. The administration is not responsible for possible violations by players of the User License Agreement (EULA) NeverWinter.

If you do not agree with any clauses of this Agreement, you have every right to stop using this resource.

This unofficial server (hereinafter referred to as the Server) is a demo version of the NeverWinter game and is a non-commercial development created to familiarize users with the NeverWinter game. All rights to the NeverWinter trademark belong to its copyright holders.

All user accounts, characters, game items, skills and other purchased items are the property of the Server Administration. All static game content (including but not limited to the following elements: titles, computer code, music, objects, stories, dialogues, terrains, graphics and NPC animations, their location, landscape elements, visual effects, history and other elements) is intellectual the property of the copyright holders of the game NeverWinter, except where otherwise noted.

Static game content, such as the location of NPCs, objects, information about talents, spells, formulas, and other game data were obtained by studying open Internet resources, the official User Manual, data from the official forum, paid and free game guides, as well as based on personal experience of the Administration representatives based on playing on NeverWinter official servers.

All donations made by users of the resource are voluntary, gratuitous and non-refundable under any circumstances. By making a donation, the user automatically agrees to these terms and conditions. Requests for the return of donated funds are not considered by the Administration, the user must assess the advantages and disadvantages in advance before making a donation. All actions for the material support of the project are performed by users at their own peril and risk.

This agreement can be changed at any time without prior notice to users.

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