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06/16/2023 at 18:00 MSK
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Main server x1
06/30/2023 at 18:00 MSK
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Партнерская программа для стримеров
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Dear players!

from 06/17/2023 we announce the start of an affiliate program fo...

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Дата открытия сервера
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Dear players!

The server will be opened on 06/30/2023 at 18:00 Moscow time.

On t...

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NeverWinterWorld - Private server NeverWinter Online Classic (M2)


In 2013, the excellent free MMORPG Neverwinter Online was released, which made the gaming community incredibly happy. Exit Neverwinter Online - became a real event for fans of the Dungeons and Dragons universe and did not go unnoticed by fans of MMO games. Excellent graphics and animation to a large extent determined the popularity of the project.

The basis of the game is the fourth edition of the D&D rules, which, initially, implies a dominant role component. Each race gives the hero unique bonuses in the form of additional characteristics or passive skills, in turn, each game class has its own priority characteristics. Therefore, the creation of a character must be approached very carefully, especially when choosing a race-class combination. There are 10 races and 6 classes to choose from, which, coupled with an attractive appearance editor, will create an interesting unique character.

All classes are playable for PvE and PvP, moreover, for a comfortable game there is a system of combat satellites - these are NPC companions that help you in battles. You can assign a role to a satellite (tank, damage, heal) and even equip it, it is pumped and develops simultaneously with your main character.

An active non-target combat system with Q, E, R-related skills makes the project look like single-player third-person action RPGs. At the same time, Neverwinter Online is, first of all, a story-oriented game, where the main character, in order to fully develop, needs to pay attention to completing quests, and not to farm spot mobs. By the way, the plot of the main and additional campaigns is made at the level of top single-player projects, which is extremely rare in the MMO industry.

There was a place in the game for many crafts, both quite trivial, such as making armor or weapons, and exotic (for example, leadership that allows you to send mercenaries to tasks) The most interesting thing is that your trained workers will be engaged in the work in any craft, not you yourself - this innovation allows you not to be distracted by craft and engage in more interesting game activities.

There is also a rather unexpected feature - session nature. Neverwinter is caring for your free time and offers many classes from the “half an hour” category: quests, single dungeons, group battles with bosses, PvP arenas.


NeverWinterWorld is the new classic NeverWinter Online Online Classic (M2) game server. The cult MMORPG of all time. Only for true connoisseurs of this genre!

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