Server Rules

Server rules NeverWinterWorld:


1. Profanity in general chats or messages sent in upper case (Caps Lock). A meaningless flood to the global chat, which creates inconvenience to most users (it does not include fees for sieges and other events).
Punishment: blocking the chat of the character from 5 minutes (depending on the degree of violation)

2. Insulting other players, racial / religious discrimination (all chats except private messages)
Punishment: block chat character from 60 minutes to 48 hours

3. RMT - Advertising of third-party projects, buying / selling accounts, buying / selling game values for money (discussion of third-party servers is also equivalent to their advertising)
Punishment: from blocking the chat, to blocking all accounts of the violator (depending on the degree of violation)

4. Insulting the Administration, impersonating a representative of the Administration, publishing correspondence with the Administration (without obtaining prior consent)
Punishment: ban chat from 1 hour to block the player’s account (depending on the degree of violation)

5. Using bugs / lags of the game, disseminating information about them, or hiding them
Punishment: from muta to blocking all accounts (depending on the degree of violation)

6. Using third-party software that simulates the actions of a player without his presence to facilitate the gameplay
Punishment: from warning to account blocking (depending on the degree of violation)

12. Deception of the Administration, misrepresentation
Punishment: from mut to blocking the player’s account

13. Dissemination of negative comments / topics about the server on various Internet resources
Punishment: blocking all player accounts

14. Violation of the rules of the game transaction (only considered with proofs from the injured player)

Punishment: from muta to account lockout

15. Violation of the laws of the Russian Federation (example: the distribution of narcotic drugs through game chats, calls to join terrorist organizations, sects, etc.)
Punishment: blocking the player’s account.

* By registering an account and logging in to the game, you agree to these rules, ignorance of the rules does not exempt from punishment.
** All questions or suggestions regarding server rules are accepted by server support email:

Rules for contacting the GM of the project:

1. You can only contact on the topic of the problem, flood is prohibited
2. It is forbidden to solicit game values
3. It is forbidden to insult, threaten, mislead server employees

Violation of the rules for communicating with umm gives him the right to issue a player a mut or transfer to the chief administrator information to further block the violator's account

*** If you want to complain about the work of GM, you think your mut / ban is unfair, write to the mail:
Only detailed complaints from the mail account of the player’s account with proofs are considered

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