How to start playing / downloading client files

Dear players!

To start the game on the server, you need to register an account and confirm the account by email. Login to the game and personal account is carried out by login and password (not to be confused with mail), the login consists of a prefix (issued at registration) and the main part, for example: aig_name.

You can download the client according to any of the options presented:

1) Torrent (file weight: 27kb, downloaded: 9.02Gb)

Direct link:

2) Client archive (archive weight: 9.02Gb)

Direct link:

To enter the game, use the EXE launcher of the desired language version:
- GameClient_RU.exe - Russian version
- GameClient_EN.exe - English version
- GameClient_FR.exe - French version
- GameClient_DE.exe - German version
- GameClient_CH.exe - Chinese version
If you see any startup errors when starting the game, then try running the game as Administrator.

We also draw attention to the need to copy the hosts file (with replacement) containing the IP of the game server, without which you cannot get into the game!
The hosts file is located on the path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
You can download the hosts file here:
If for some reason your operating system does not allow editing the hosts file, you should start the notepad from the Administrator (Start => All programs => Accessories => Notepad or Search => Notepad for Windows 10), then open the C file in notepad: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts and edit it, resulting in the following:

### localhost
::1 localhost code code_server code_game_server chatsrvr codelauncher_login


In case of any difficulties with launching the game, you should contact the messages of the VK server group:
All available technical support options are posted on the page:

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