NeverWinterWorld is a classic NeverWinter Online game server with x1 rates.


- Professional server hardware (CPU Xeon 3.3 Ghz, RAM 64Gb, SSD 1Tb)
- Placement of a game server: Moscow (minimum and stable ping for players)
- Protection against DDoS attacks (connected to the protection: site, forum, game server)
- Round-the-clock server operation 24 hours a day

Project Description:

- Adult and experienced Administration
- Qualified technical support
- Cult MMORPG (NeverWinter Online)
- Classic version (M2)
- High-quality implementation of the game world
- Hardcore rates x1 for everything (as the developers intended)
- Everyone starts on an equal footing, no character transfers!
- Guaranteed long-term server performance

Server Rates:

- Rates for everything: x1


- For donations, players receive bonus coins
- Bonus coins can be exchanged in your account on ZEN
- Exchange rate: 1 rub => 10 ZEN
- ZEN can be spent in the game store in the game

Quick links:

EN version:

- Download client files (how to start playing): https://neverwinter-world.com/files
- Login to your personal account (LC): https://neverwinter-world.com/auth/login
- Account registration: https://neverwinter-world.com/auth/register
- Forgot password: https://neverwinter-world.com/auth/password/new
- Make a donation (you must be logged in to your account): https://neverwinter-world.com/dashboard/payments/...

Private area

Registration required